17. Does an ‘oink’ turn you in? Well, he wasn’t a bf, but near sufficient.

17. Does an ‘oink’ turn you in? Well, he wasn’t a bf, but near sufficient.

“Well, he wasn’t a bf, but near sufficient. He’d seen some French film in that your kinky main figures decked out as pigs (evidently perhaps perhaps not a porno?? ) and wished to decide to try that, except that only he’d liven up. I went along along with it (in those times i might have inked such a thing merely to dom some guy) and waited into the bed room as he “got in character”, then he arrived in on all fours in a red spandex suit (like ballerinas wear in training) and a plastic pig’s nose on their face. Not remotely sexy, but whatever, I could deal.

Then again he started noises… that are making. In the very very first grunt/squeal a grin spread on my face but we were able to protect my amusement up in the beginning. But he kept making those fucking noises that are hilarious i recently destroyed it. We started laughing and laughed and laughed and laughed I was going to suffocate until I was on the floor and thought.

Whenever I finally got my wits straight back we realised he’d left sooner or later, understandably sufficient, and then he never ever taken care of immediately my texts any longer. Oh well. The memory from it nevertheless makes me personally giggle. ”

18. Public vibrations

“A buddy of my own went with a woman that has this fetish that is really weird she’d shove a radio bullet vibrator up her hooha and provide her boyfriend the remote, then they’d go shopping and he’d attempt to make her lose it whenever she had been speaking with a salesman/clerk. ”

19. Another biting story

“She really utilized to chew on my hand once we went someplace and had been hands that are holding. Super fucking weird, but once we broke I missed the most up it was one of the things. Therefore I guess I was turned by her on to biting? O. O”

20. Spit at me personally.

“My last gf and I also had been into nearly identical things into the room, the thing she liked that i’d never considered before was that she liked it whenever individuals spat inside her mouth. Used to do it a few times and liked it. God she is missed by me. ”

21. Sneeze on me personally!

“My ex-GF possessed a fetish for sneezes. Evidently sneezing ended up being just one single small step from orgasm. Parallels whenever she attempted to make herself sneeze during sexytimes she appeared as if the poster-child for the expressed word“Derp”. It finished quite quickly after my very very first hysterical laughter. ”

22. When fucking isn’t enough…

“Smoking while fucking. Must be a smoke. Smoking a bowl did do anything for n’t her however if I happened to be smoking a CIG while railing her she had been all down because of it. That and fucking in public places.

Long tale short we found cigarette smoking and I also wasted lots of gasoline driving around finding places that are new bang. ”

23. Intercourse with additional calcium

“My ex had been into lactation and medical. Had me just just take pills in order to make my milk are presented in as well as provided me with a breast pump to enable the movement. He’d nursing assistant from me personally when you look at the morning as well as in the night. Had been super weird to start with but I quickly actually expanded to take pleasure from it. ”

24. Kit-Kats within the ass

“My gf (I’m also a lady) is into consuming chocolate away from my ass…yep, absolutely nothing shit associated i usually have actually an enema and thoroughly clean my ass before. I’m quite available to intimate experimentation but this tossed me personally down just a little in the beginning I guess since it was so… different? I did so find yourself doing it and now we both adored it therefore we continued. We often utilized Kit Kat or Aero since those were her bars that are favourite chose to purchase Oh Henrys this time and… uh… don’t.

We did the typical, she enjoyed my ass a bit then slid the pubs 1 by 1 into me, i do believe we had four full size pubs and eight enjoyable size whenever she made a decision to begin.

I started bleeding, which happens sometimes but usually not in this quantity it then started to hurt, usually the bars slide out as easy as just taking a shit but this time NOTHING was coming out except for a trickle of chocolate and a lot more blood then there should be so I began to push but nothing came out… then.

The two of us began panicking thinking just just what the fuck is being conducted! After 10 minutes of hard core pressing and discomfort she could finally notice it… a huge fucking ball of caramel and pointy peanuts. I mean fucking huge it was the size of a fucking pineapple when I say giant. It ends up all of the caramel and peanuts in the pubs formed this monstrosity from being shoved up and squished, i really couldn’t even have it out, it had been stuck.

My gf had to shove her hands into my ass and extend it ready to accept its restrictions to even make this thing go and also by this aspect my ass had been amply bleeding due to the pointy peanuts sticking out from the ball cutting up my insides.

After half hour we finally started using it down. It absolutely was red with bloodstream and I couldn’t even fit both fingers around it. I’d to stay regarding the bathroom for some time afterwards because my anus had been blood that is still leaking. My ass harmed for days after.

Tl; dr – Don’t shove caramel and peanut pubs your ass, you’ll cry. ”

25. Some body likes it truly difficult.

“She likes it once I punch her, primarily within the ass area. ”

26. Armpit fetish

“Not a gf, but a girl I’ve been dating. She loves to stick her nose means up into my armpit and simply just simply take big ol’ whiffs. It freaks me personally out a bit that is little she informs me to shower, yet not clean my pits… Kinda good to consider my stink does not make her shrink. ”

27. Extreme write out sessions

“Girl I became dating liked in order to make away by having a razor blade in her own mouth. Noped out. ”

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